We designed the Dental Wheel to be a Fun way to show our Dental Services.

Going clockwise:

On Top is: Our Strong Healthy Tooth

Next is: Our Crooked Tooth having Braces to create a pretty straight smile.

Next is: Our Periodontal Tooth: This is when your tooth or teeth have lost some of the bone support and bacteria is growing under the gum tissue. The tooth may be saved or need to be removed.

On the Bottom: This is our Root Canal Tooth: This is when the tooth or teeth develop an infection due to decay or trauma and need to be treated.

Next is: This is our Implant Tooth: This is when we can replace a missing tooth or missing teeth permanently.

Next is: Our Crown: This is when we can replace a broken or missing teeth.

Next is: Our sick tooth showing we are there for you in an Emergency or Denture/Partial Repair.

We also have our in house Discount Dental Plan for our patients without Dental Insurance. No Waiting period, No Deductibles, No Maximums. Please call for details.