Braces Trinity Things to Consider for Clean Braces

Braces are a great option for patients that have orthodontic problems such as crooked teeth or overbites, but one thing that is not so great about braces is the fact that it requires a little more effort to keep them clean then that of normal teeth. Without Braces, Trinity residents do not have to watch out for what foods they are eating and it is only recommended to brush your teeth twice a day; this is not the case when an individual have braces. It is recommended by dentists and orthodontists that patients should take precautions to avoid damaging their braces, and help protect their teeth from gum disease and tooth decay.

Foods to Avoid for Braces

One of the most common things that is recommended for patients to stay away from is gum, but there are other foods that can be equally as harmful. Most chewy or sticky foods are recommended to be avoided as well as some hard or crunchy foods such as peanut brittle and caramel. When someone eats these foods with braces, Trinity patients can not only find it harder to brush away excess food that gets caught in their braces, but also the fact that these foods are known to damage braces and loosen brackets that are cemented to their teeth.

Brushing Twice a Day is No Longer Effective

Most dentists can agree that to sufficiently clean your teeth from food particles and bacteria that an individual should brush their teeth at least twice a day. When someone has braces, Trinity orthodontists recommend that their patients brush their teeth every time that they have something to eat. It is very easy for plaque and bacteria to accumulate on and around your braces, which other people will notice. It is also recommended that patients focus a little more on the brackets on their teeth as they can collect food from after a meal.

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