Bridges Brooksville Dental Bridges Versus Dental Implants

Teeth replacement is a very common dental procedure with modern practices. Missing teeth not only look awkward, but it is a common form of discomfort and source of infection! Bridges and implants fix this problem but which one is better or which one is the right choice? This all depends on the location, the time, and the state of your other teeth to get a definitive answer.

Bridge procedures are much older than that of implants. Also, Implants are usually used for new missing teeth, and only affect one area. With Bridges, Brooksville residents have to get additional work done on the neighboring teeth of missing tooth to have the bridge fit properly.

Implants drill a screw into your gum line and jaw that is attached a tooth like cap to give the illusion of a perfect smile. With the procedure of bridges, Brooksville patients’ neighboring teeth are going to have to their enamel removed to properly fit with the missing tooth’s replacement. This is why history and your teeth state affect a dentist’s decision of choosing bridges or implants when fixing your smile. Although an implant is a easier fix, if you your neighboring teeth are not in the best shape, it may be more beneficial to go with a bridge instead of a implant.

Another important difference between implants and bridges Brooksville residents need to be aware of is the price as well as the durability. Implants are a one time fix but bridges do have to be replaced as opposed to bridges that typically have to be changed every ten years or so give or take.

For some people, money is the biggest issue when concerning a dental procedure instead of the the state of your teeth. Implants have an have a higher initial cost than bridges, but Brooksville residents do not need them replaced like those consumers who choose to go with bridges. Bridges are cheaper than implant implant procedures.

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