Bridges New Port Richey How to Care for Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are one form of cosmetic dentistry that require a little extra attention and cleaning in order to make them look nice, but also to make them last longer. If a patient does not properly care for their dental bridges, New Port Richey residents might soon have problems. Some of these problems are technical such as the dental bridge becoming loose or the caps have become cracked or bent, while others revolved around oral hygiene such as plaque build up and bad breath. There are many different ways to care for dental bridges and things to avoid that can help increase the longevity of our cosmetic dentistry.

Treating Dental Bridges like Normal Teeth

One popular misconception associated with dental bridge, New Port Richey residents like to imagine that because dental bridges are not real teeth, that they do not need to be taken care of in the same manor. This could not be further from the truth as in fact they actually need to be taken care of more so than that of real teeth. It is important to regularly brush your dental crown as well as regularly applying a dental adhesive and even flossing to keep them looking great. Many people who have just gotten new dental bridges often complain about sensitivity to certain foods and especially to cold drinks which should be discussed with your dentists.

The Don’ts of Dental Bridges

Just like that of a child with braces, there are many foods and practices that should be avoided in order to keep your dental bridges looking great without any problems. Hard and sticky food can be especially hazardous to dental bridges as they can break the cosmetic dentistry work or warp or misshape your dental bridges. New Port Richey Patients should also be cognizant of dramatic temperature changes because it can cause their bridges to crack or chip like that of ceramics and glass.

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