Veneers Brooksville Veneer procedure for Your Teeth

Veneers are used in dentistry to close gaps or correct small misalignment’s. They also used as a cosmetic solution to enhance the brightness of their teeth and to straighten their smile. This procedure is becoming more popular than crowns because crowns cover the whole tooth, which is the opposite of veneers. Brooksville residents may be interested in veneers but what is the procedure like?

Typically, for a patient who is interested in a veneer procedure, it will take approximately three appointments. One for diagnosis, one for the treatment planning, and one more day for the actual application. Planning will help determine the the purpose of the veneers; Brooksville residents can have an input from their dentist and also communicate the reasoning and expectations of the veneers.

Once the consultation period is over and the veneers are being made, then a patient will actually go in for the procedure. First, the patient’s teeth are lightly buffed to allow for the additional thickness of the veneers. Brooksville patients usually have about half of a millimeter removed from teeth the veneers are going to be applied to. This process may require local anesthetic to be accomplished. After the tooth is prepared, the dentist bonds and sculpts the material onto a patient’s teeth. The application process is different depending on if the veneer is made out of ceramic or composite material.

Now that the veneers are made and they are getting ready to go on you teeth, the aesthetic quality of the veneers are changed. After everything fits by shaping, the color of the veneer is changed to match that of the patient’s natural enamel. Veneers cannot be altered after they have been cemented. Cement is applied to the tooth and the veneer then is hardened with a light beam.

Once the veneers are applied, it is common for teeth to change in size and shape. It is common to have a follow up visit with your dentist.

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Tooth Extraction Brooksville Home remedies to combat tooth extraction pain

Even though tooth extraction is already very painful, if a patient develops dry socket it, or a blood clot that forms after extraction, gets dissolved leaving the nerve and bone exposed leaving someone in even more pain. If you are experiencing pain, do not worry! There are many home remedies to combat pain from tooth extraction. Brooksville residents can start by looking in their pantries and fridges before going to get a prescription.

Clove oil has been proven to be an effective treatment for dry socket and other tooth pain. Clove does sting, so in order to stop that dip a cotton swab in water and then apply the clove oil to the affected sites. It is recommended to apply this oil twice a day as pain persists. For tooth Extraction, Brooksville residents can also try the very popular saline water. This solution cleans the affected areas and help alleviate pain.

Some patients have also relieved their tooth pain by applying cold tea bags on the sore areas in their mouth. Tea has a compound in the leaves called tannic acid that is known to help relieve pain. Depending on the type of tea can have different benefits. For example earl gray tea contains both catechin and fluoride, both known for improving the health of your teeth.

Creating a turmeric solution is also very popular when combating the pain from a tooth extraction. Brooksville residents can gargle with water and a pinch of turmeric to provide relief. It is also helpful to make a paste with turmeric, dry salt, and mustard oil. This solution like that of clove oil have been very popular among patients that experience pain from tooth extraction or dry socket.

If these solutions have not worked for your pain there are still many home remedies that people vouch for. Peroxide is also very popular, but make sure you do not swallow peroxide because it is not healthy. As a safer alternative, lemon juice and salt can be applied to alleviate pain and this one is not dangerous.

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Crowns Brooksville What types of crowns are available?

There are many reasons why a patient would be recommended a crown procedure by their dentist. A patient might have a damaged tooth or even their teeth are weak and need the support of a bridge. Whatever the reason, It is important to know about the different types of crowns. Brooksville patients will have a few different options for their procedure.

The first type of crown that needs to be mentioned are stainless steel crowns. Usually these crowns are used as temporary covers to prevent anymore decay before a permanent cap is placed. If a child was to ever need a crown, Brooksville dentists would probably uses stainless steel because they do not need to be checked up on by a dentist. Stainless steel caps are also the most cost effect when compared to custom made ones.

Metal crowns are probably the most popular because they are the oldest. These crowns are usually have a high content of gold or platinum present. Metal crowns may not look visually pleasing but they are quite strong, making them a popular choice for teeth towards the back of someone’s mouth. Metal crowns are known for their durability and they rarely break or chip. This is not always the best option though because some people have metal allergies.

If you are looking for a more natural look in a crown for your teeth, Ceramic or porcelain crowns are your best option. with ceramic crowns, Brooksville patients can have them be colored match to their surrounding teeth to make it look as real as possible. This is the big advantage that porcelain crowns over metal ones; consequently though, metal crowns are much more durable than ceramic ones. Ceramic crowns are usually used on visible front view teeth.

There is even a hybrid option that fuses porcelain and metal together to give both the strength and durability of metal, but also with the color match natural look of ceramics. No matter the situation, a dentist will have the crown the best suits your lifestyle.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Brooksville Popular types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Not everyone is happy with the way their smile looks. To some, the condition of their teeth is embarrassing for them even when talking to family and friends. If you wanted to change your smile, the best choice of action would be to see a dentists and discuss with them options of cosmetic dentistry. Brooksville residents should be aware of the different types of procedures that can help you have a more confident smile!

If a patient is self conscious about their teeth with tooth decay then they should look into Inlays, onlays, and overlays. These indirect fillings are used on moderately damaged teeth that cover part of the tooth, as opposed to the whole thing like a crown. These fillings are created in a laboratory from a composite resin material and then is attached to your damaged teeth with a dental cement. These fillings are not just for cosmetic dentistry! Brooksville residents also get the utilitarian value of having them strengthen teeth, and help avoid any further decay.

If tooth damage is bad enough, dentist might instead use composite bonding rather than inlays. Composite bonding is when a dentist physically drills out the decay, and fills it with a composite material cement that is hardened with a light. When contemplating cosmetic dentistry, Brooksville residents should know that this is one of the least expensive options for trying to achieve a better smile.

When a tooth is missing as opposed to damaged, implants are recommended to give a more natural look. A titanium screw is placed where the missing tooth is, and then a crown is mounted on it to give a fuller smile. Implants are not like dentures because they cannot be removed, they are locked in place.

No matter what the procedure or material is to fix your smile don’t fret! Dentistry has come a long way to make materials and solutions that look very natural to give yourself the new sense confidence you were trying to achieve!

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Bridges Brooksville Dental Bridges Versus Dental Implants

Teeth replacement is a very common dental procedure with modern practices. Missing teeth not only look awkward, but it is a common form of discomfort and source of infection! Bridges and implants fix this problem but which one is better or which one is the right choice? This all depends on the location, the time, and the state of your other teeth to get a definitive answer.

Bridge procedures are much older than that of implants. Also, Implants are usually used for new missing teeth, and only affect one area. With Bridges, Brooksville residents have to get additional work done on the neighboring teeth of missing tooth to have the bridge fit properly.

Implants drill a screw into your gum line and jaw that is attached a tooth like cap to give the illusion of a perfect smile. With the procedure of bridges, Brooksville patients’ neighboring teeth are going to have to their enamel removed to properly fit with the missing tooth’s replacement. This is why history and your teeth state affect a dentist’s decision of choosing bridges or implants when fixing your smile. Although an implant is a easier fix, if you your neighboring teeth are not in the best shape, it may be more beneficial to go with a bridge instead of a implant.

Another important difference between implants and bridges Brooksville residents need to be aware of is the price as well as the durability. Implants are a one time fix but bridges do have to be replaced as opposed to bridges that typically have to be changed every ten years or so give or take.

For some people, money is the biggest issue when concerning a dental procedure instead of the the state of your teeth. Implants have an have a higher initial cost than bridges, but Brooksville residents do not need them replaced like those consumers who choose to go with bridges. Bridges are cheaper than implant implant procedures.

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Braces Brooksville Different types of braces for patients.

Braces now a days are a very common procedure for both children and now adults too. Because braces are more popular now than when they first started, there are many different types out on the market. They all do the same job of aligning your teeth, but the only difference is the how long the process takes. If someone is interested in braces, Brooksville residents should be aware of the different types out on the market.

To begin with, The most popular and the most economically viable option on the market are traditional metal braces. Brooksville residents are quite familiar with this style because they have been around for a long time. These braces have the perks of being the least expensive, and most customizable in terms of looks, but they are the most noticeable type of braces.

As an alternative, Ceramic braces are quite similar to metal braces except for the fact that that instead of metal brackets holding up a metal wire, ceramic clear colored brackets are used instead.These braces perform just like traditional braces; Brooksville residents only down fall to going this avenue is it is a little more pricey, but also, more maintenance is required on these braces because they can stain, unlike the color bands of metal brackets.

If you are looking for something away from traditional braces, ask your dentist and orthopedic about lingual braces. Brooksville residents should be aware that these braces go on the inside of your teeth, making it appear that there are no braces present at all! They are more difficult to clean as well as require a longer time to align teeth.

The last form a braces someone should be knowledgeable about is Invisalign. Invisalign treatments consists of fifteen to thirty custom made mouth guard like plastic aligners that need to be replaced about every two weeks. This is the best option for people self conscious of how these braces will look, but it is also the most expensive option.

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Pediatric Dentist Brooksville What you need to know about your toddlers baby teeth

Pediatric Dentist BrooksvilleThere are many people that believe that their toddler’s teeth are not anything to worry about until their permanent teeth come in. This is just not the case. It is extremely important for your toddler to have their teeth and gums well taken care of and looked at by a pediatric dentist. Brooksville residents have been bringing their children to us for many years to provide them with a positive dental experience. But it is important that parents are knowledgeable on the importance of your toddler’s dental hygiene.

If they fall out anyways, why do they need to be cared for?

It is important to keep in mind that although your toddler’s teeth do fall out, keeping up with their dental care can allow their new teeth to come in without any issues. This includes caring for their gums and reducing the risk of tooth decay by brushing and flossing twice daily.

If my child drinks a bottle or juice to go to sleep, does that really effect their dental health?

Yes. This is a habit that most parents allow their toddler to have, but it is an important habit to break. There is nothing worse than allowing the sugars to sit on your child’s teeth all night long. This can cause their teeth to become rotten and this could even affect the way their permanent teeth come in.

Is it important to floss my child’s teeth?

Absolutely. This can be difficult to do considering your child may be a little resistant of it, but it’s something that must be done. As soon as your child has more than one tooth, flossing needs to become a permanent part of their daily dental care.

Dental health is important no matter the age. But it is most important as small children. The way that your child’s teeth are cared for now will determine how their teeth will be in the future. Visiting your pediatric dentist, near Brooksville, will help your child learn the importance of dental health and starting good habits early on.

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Emergency Dentist Brooksville Dental problems you should never ignore


Emergency Dentist BrooksvilleWhen it comes to dental health a lot of people put it at the bottom of their list. What most people are unaware of is that dental problems can be much more serious than just getting a cavity. There are many dental health issues that should not be ignored but they are ignored daily. Sometimes these problems are so bad that people should go to an emergency dentist. Brooksville locals have been coming to our offices for years both during regular business hours and for emergencies.

What are some dental problems you shouldn’t let get any worse?

Severe tooth aches – This could be due to many problems that maybe are not serious but some of the reasons are life threatening. No matter what the problem is, no one should ever ignore that pain. If it comes suddenly, then going to an emergency dentist is the best thing to do.

Blooding when brushing – This is another case of it could not be completely dangerous or could be something that is life threatening. Bleeding gums could be the cause of not brushing correctly but it could mean gingivitis or even cause clots that could lead to heart issues!

Cavities – There are many reasons why people put off dealing with their cavities. One could be their financial situation and one could be the fear of dealing with the process. But what people should be most scared of is letting their cavities get so bad that they have much more serious issues on their hands.

Bad breath issues – This could just be you’re not caring for your teeth properly or it could be the sign of other health issues like diabetes and liver failure. Either way it’s something that should not be ignored for too long!

Whether you’re dealing with a chipped tooth or something more detrimental to your health, sometimes the only way to solve the issue is seeing an emergency dentist near Brooksville. There is no point in dealing with pain for longer than you have to. Taking care of the issue fast is the best way to solve the problem completely!

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Dental Implants Brooksville The Different Types of Dental Implants

Brooksville dental patients may opt for dental implants in a range of different scenarios, ranging from tooth loss from an injury, decay or disease. Implants offer a more permanent and natural-looking option for patients, but how do they work? And which type of implant is best?

The Workings of Dental ImplantsDental Implants Brooksville

Brooksville residents of all ages may benefit from dental implants, which are used to replace a lost tooth or multiple teeth. Dental implants have a fairly simple structure that’s similar to the structure of your natural tooth. There’s a titanium root-like anchor, which is placed in the jaw bone.

In addition to the titanium “root,” there’s also a crown, which mimics the appearance and function of your natural tooth.

Dental implants are the most popular and the most successful of all surgical implants. There is no need for any type of anti-rejection drug because titanium is considered “biocompatible,” so instances of an adverse reaction are very rare.

A dental implant can be placed in about one hour, although if multiple implants are being inserted, the procedure may be longer. It’s usually performed under conscious sedation or local anesthesia, although some more comprehensive procedures may necessitate general anesthesia.

When getting dental implants, Brooksville dentists will place the anchor into the jaw bone, where it will take several weeks to fully fuse with the bone. Small bits of bone may be placed around the titanium anchor to help promote faster fusion with the bone. If a tooth was recently extracted, you may need to wait to get your implants until bone starts to fill the empty socket; this gives the implant something “grasp” and fuse with.

Are There Different Varieties of Dental Implants?

Brooksville dental implant patients can choose from several different types of implants. It’s possible to replace a single tooth or an entire mouth’s worth of teeth.

A dental implant provides a natural, easy-to-maintain alternative to dentures or bridges. Implants may also be placed to serve as an anchor point for dentures or bridges. This can eliminate the need for denture paste, resulting in a more stable denture. Tooth loss can also change the shape of an individual’s face and jaw; restoring those teeth with implants can help normalize your appearance.

Dental implants can also take the form of anchors or “ports,” which are used to support a full denture. Called “all-on-4” dental implants, a total of four “anchors” are implanted into the jaw. Once they heal and fuse with the jaw, a denture can be affixed to the protruding nubs. This offers a permanent and natural looking alternative to traditional dentures.

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Dentist Brooksville Misconceptions about dentures

Dentist Brooksville

There are many people that have the wrong misconception about dentures. Some feel they are only for elderly people and that they would rather hold on to their natural teeth, even if those teeth are in bad condition. The fact is a lot of different aged people have dentures.

Ideally everyone would be able to keep their teeth in perfect condition throughout their lives and never need dentures, but that just is not always the case. If someone has extremely poor dental health, it is much better to get dentures than to try and hold on to the original teeth. Dr. Bedi, our dentist in the Brooksville area, can help you to restore your healthy habits or provide you with dentures you will be happy with. Dentures can help someone who does not have the smile of their dreams, achieve just that.

Dentures are not just for the elderly. Although not very common, children and younger adults are sometimes in need of getting dentures. There are many accidents that happen where it is necessary for children to get partial and even maybe a full set of dentures. Whether it is due to a sporting injury or just a case of genetically bad teeth, there are dentures for every one of all ages.

It is not something to be ashamed of, sometimes keeping your own teeth is not the best option. Some people have severe tooth decay, and this can be quite dangerous. Not only does it affect the mouth but it can cause infection throughout the body. It is important to remove the teeth if the tooth decay has become too severe. This is a case where getting a set of dentures is the best option.

Finding a reputable dentist is the best bet when in search of handling all of your denture needs. Anchor Dental Care is a fantastic option. They have been in business for almost 40 years and have been the leading dentist in the surrounding area of Brooksville, Florida. They offer financial plans for those who are without dental insurance, making it affordable on anyone’s budget to have a beautiful smile. Their goal is to make their patients feel confident enough to smile big and bright. All while, teaching them the way to take care of their teeth for the long haul, whether it be their original teeth or their dentures.

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