Braces Weeki Wachee How Expensive are Braces for Kids?

When a child is recommended braces by their dentist, cost is one of the first things that run through your head. Everyone knows that they are not cheap, but about how much exactly would it cost for their child to have braces? Weeki Wachee dentists and orthodontists know that this is a hard question to answer because it depends on a multitude of factors. One fact to consider when trying to determine the cost of your child braces is how old is your child? Children that are younger might need more orthodontic work to keep their teeth from shifting as they get old. More work equivocates to braces costing more in the long wrong.

The Type of Braces is a Very Important Factor

While age is one factor to consider when trying to figure out how much exactly it is going to cost you to have your child fitted for braces, Weeki Wachee Dentists and Orthodontist say that another big factor that determines the cost of braces is the type of braces being used. Damon braces and Invisalign orthodontic options are going to cost more than traditional metal wires and braces. In addition to the braces themselves, other factors to consider for your child’s treatment might include headgear or retainers that are not cheap. Not to mention that if your child does not keep up with the necessary orthodontic regimen, it may take longer and cost more for a great smile.

Ways for Paying for Costly Braces?

For some patients their insurance company will cover a lot of the cost for your child braces. While some insurances do not cover orthodontic work or specifically braces, Weeki Wachee dentists and orthodontists sometimes have payments plans with no down payments and low interest rates. Many offices and practices also offer discounts if you pay in advance or if you are getting multiple procedures done for your child to have a great smile.

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Bridges Weeki Wachee Dental Implants Versus Dental Bridges

Many patients that have missing or extracted teeth are often recommended to have a procedure done for either dental implants or dental bridges. Weeki Wachee dental patients should have been told that having missing teeth raises your chances of developing infections. With information like this, patients are often wondering next which would be better for correcting their smile dental implants or dental bridges? Both of these cosmetic dental procedures have their pros and their cons that would make a patient feel as though one procedure is better for them than the other.

Dental Bridges and Their Advantages and Disadvantages

Before dental implants were popular like they are today, dental bridges were patents’ only options for correcting gaps for a missing or an extracted tooth. One of the few problems with dental bridges, Weeki Wachee patients cannot get one bridge for one missing tooth. Bridges utilize multiple teeth so additional prep work is needed to file down and remove most of the enamel. Another minor problem with dental bridges is that this form of cosmetic surgery is not permanent! Dental bridges are built to last a long time, maybe ten to fifteen years if they are properly taken care of but eventually they will need to be replaced.

Dental Implants and Their Advantages and Disadvantages

Unlike dental bridges that need to utilize the adjacent teeth near the hole of a missing or extracted tooth, dental implants replace only the tooth that is missing and does not require additional teeth to be prepped. Not only does it not affect your other teeth, but this form of cosmetic surgery is permanent! Part of what makes dental implants more last longer than dental bridges are their durability. With dental Bridges, Weeki Wachee patients should know that they are not as durable as dental implants, making it possible that bridges can break or shift creating extra work to be done.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Weeki Wachee Do Braces Fall Under Cosmetic Dentistry?

Everyone knows what braces are and what they do. They are the metal work that is installed by orthodontists to help individuals have a straighter and healthier smile. Yet strangely enough however, Braces are not considered a form of cosmetic Dentistry. Weeki Wachee residents know that braces are essential to a straighter smile, but insurance companies do not see braces as an emergency that might develop future more costly problems down the road. Even though braces do not qualify under insurance companies as cosmetic dentistry, there are many more other procedures that do count making it cheaper for the patient.

If not Braces What About Dental Implants?

If braces are not considered a form of cosmetic dentistry, are dental implants considered cosmetic? Believe it or not, but dental implants fall under the insurance category of cosmetic Dentistry. Weeki Wachee insurance companies consider implants cosmetic because having dental implants done restores the look of the mouth, creating a nicer smile. Besides dental implants, another shocking procedure that is qualifies under cosmetic dentary is regular teeth whitening. Insurance companies argue that teeth whitening only improves the look of the teeth and not the actual function of them. Regardless if your teeth are stained, they still do the same job of chewing food.

Composite Bonding and Inlays and Onlays.

While braces are not seen as cosmetic dentistry, Weeki Wachee insures consider composite bonding as an example. Composite bonding improves the look of mismatched and crooked teeth that have gaps. It is important to note that this procedure does not correct teeth, but rather it covers them up to have them look better. Inlays or onlays are another example of this because they are created in a dental lab to cover up a filling. The actually cavity itself is not being filled because that would not be considered a cosmetic procedure.

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Crowns Weeki Wachee Ways to Help Minimize Your Need of a Dental Crown

A dental crown is used in cases where a tooth has been severely damaged. Normally if there is evidence of extensive decay, having a filling down will probably not provide the same level of strength and protection like that of dental crowns. Weeki Wachee should be aware that there are some ways to avoid the need for a dental crown, or even help prevent severe damage to your tooth. Any steps you take that helps to limit the amount of damage your teeth are exposed to may help you to avoid the need of having your teeth capped.

Changing Food Habits May Protect Teeth

Everyone is under the impression that eating healthier is good for your body, but did you know that it may also be good for your oral health as well? Although it might be difficult to achieve, cutting back on the number of hard and crunchy food cans significantly affect the overall condition of your tooth. Popcorn, pretzels, and frozen foods are among the top reasons that people need crowns. Weeki Wachee residents should be aware that minimizing their exposure to these foods can adversely affect the spreading of tooth decay. Not only should you cut back on crunchy food, but too much sweets are another classic way to ensure that surgery will need to be performed on your teeth.

Be Cautious with Physical Sports

If food is not the cause of a broken or decaying tooth it is quite possible sports related injuries are usually reasonable. Many accidents happen where a tooth becomes chipped or even worse. If you are in a contact sport and it is recommended to wear a mouthpiece and you do not, there is a high chance you may end up needing dental crowns. Weeki Wachee residents who are in active sports should always take the necessary precautions in order to protect their teeth.

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Tooth Extraction Weeki Wachee Important Health Tips for Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are one of the most frequent culprits for anyone needing a tooth extraction. This is because wisdom teeth have been left over from older humanoids who a need for the extra teeth. But because of evolution and genetics, human mouths have been developing smaller and tighter spaces, but wisdom teeth still grow! Wisdom teeth can cause complications such as affecting other teeth or becoming impacted. If your dentist recommends removing your wisdom teeth, do not freak out. While this procedure is known to cause pain and discomfort it a relatively safe and easy procedure. Most patients recover relatively quickly from these symptoms after extraction.

Swelling is a Complication of the Procedure

Because you are having teeth ripped out of your jaw, it is going to cause a little bit of swelling and a little bit of bleeding. Applying ice packs or heading packs is a great way to deal with the swelling caused by tooth extraction. Brooksville patients after surgery can expect swelling and bruising for a couple of days prior. It is recommended that you always use ice packs unless you one or both of your teeth were infected before the tooth extraction. Using a warm washcloth is an alternative to help reduce the swelling and discomfort of your mouth.

Bleeding is Another Problem with Tooth Extraction

If pain from bruising and swelling were not bad enough, people who are getting their wisdom teeth pulled run the risk of bleeding both during and after surgery. If you are an individual who happens to experience bleeding after the surgery for tooth extraction, Weeki Wachee dentist recommend that you gently bite down on a pad of gauze for at least 30 minutes. As an alternative, Dentists have also recommended that patients try the same thing but with a moist teabag. The tannic acid present in the tea contracts your bleeding blood vessels, which will help blood clots set.

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Veneers Weeki Wachee Should I Consider Having Dental Veneers?

People today have many more options to choose from if they are not comfortable with the way their teeth or mouth are. One of the newer feats in cosmetic dentistry are known as dental veneers. Weeki Wachee residents might be familiar with these caps that usually made out of porcelain to look and simulate real teeth. Not only do they work well like real teeth, but they also look very similar to real teeth and can even be stained to match that of you other teeth. Some insurance companies cover cosmetic dentistry and veneers for individuals so it might be the perfect time to consider having cosmetic dentistry done.

How Are Veneers Situated in a Patient’s Mouth?

Veneers are not made for one size fits all but rather they are custom made for each individual patient. Regardless of the method your dentist uses it install your veneers, Weeki Wachee patients will first have to have an impression of their teeth taken in order to begin the process. The mold of your teeth will be sent to a dental lab so that each veneer can be custom fitted to your specific teeth. To begin the application process, dentists start by removing a thin layer of enamel from your teeth which will then be covered by your veneers. The veneers are bonded to the tooth with the help of resin cement.

What Conditions Would Benefit from Veneers?

Most conditions that people get veneers to cover up for are cosmetic blemishes. Chipped or broken teeth are a great reason to talk to your dentist about dental veneers. Weeki Wachee patients have also received veneers to cover up misaligned or irregularly shaped teeth. Veneers are also a great choice for people who are missing one or more teeth these openings can be filled with great effect. But even if you have a reason to get dental veneers, they are still not right for everyone. Some teeth or so bad that not even veneers can salvage their great smile.

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Pediatric Dentist Weeki Wachee Start flossing early for years of great dental health!

Your child may not be the biggest fan of brushing their teeth and flossing but starting a positive dental health routine early on is the best thing you can do! Showing your child that brushing and flossing can be fun will give them a great head start. Pediatric dentists near Weeki Wachee suggest to sing songs and even create a special time that will get your child excited for brushing and flossing twice daily. There are also some great electric tooth brushes that light up and play songs to excite your child and get them wanting to brush and floss.

Why is flossing baby teeth so important if they’re going to fall out anyways?

Flossing is not just for the teeth but is very important for the gums. Because children will be losing their first set, it is vital that they care for the gums that will be hosting the new, permanent set of teeth. Therefore, caring for baby teeth is so important and flossing is even more important.

When should flossing start?

Flossing should start as soon as your child has two or more teeth that are touching. Anytime you have two teeth that are touching there is a place for food to hide and tooth decay to occur. This can lead to cavities and also gum disease. This is not only dangerous and could cause other health issues but it could affect the way your child’s teeth come in, in the future.

If you are unsure how to get your child to floss or make it exciting, give your pediatric dentist near Weeki Wachee a call! They can give you tips on what to do and how to make it a fun part of your child’s day! Another great way to get your child used to dental care is to make an appointment for the pediatric dentist. This will get them used to the idea of annual visits and will get them excited about caring for their teeth. Dental health maybe isn’t what your child is going to ask for but they will thank you later in life!

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Emergency Dentist Weeki Wachee Why skipping the floss is the last thing you should do!

We learn from a young age to brush, floss, and rinse our teeth at least twice a day – but for some reason there are those who ignore the last two parts of their dental care! Flossing your teeth, along with rinsing with a mouth wash, is just as, if not more important, then brushing your teeth. If you ignore flossing for too long you will probably end up at your local emergency dentist near Weeki Wachee. It may seem like a small thing but that small part of your brushing routine can have a huge impact on your dental health.

Why is it important to floss your teeth?

Prevent tooth decay – Tooth decay can build up quickly between teeth and cause cavities and toothaches. If ignored for too long, it can lead to losing teeth and causing permanent damage.

Prevents gum disease – Gum disease is one the main reasons people should floss every single day and after every meal. Gum disease can be very serious and lead to several other health issues including heart disease! If that isn’t a reason to start flossing, then we don’t know what is!

Prevent toothaches – The top two reasons will lead to serious toothaches. If you have ever experienced a toothache before you know how painful that can be. An easy way to prevent this from happening is to stop skipping your flossing!

Prevent high dental bills – If you go to your annual dental exams and cleanings, brush twice a day, and floss regularly then your dental health will be on track! This means no visits to your emergency dentist near Weeki Wachee, or any other unexpected visits!

Putting of flossing can only hurt you in the end. Cavities will form if you do not floss regularly – – that is a fact. If you want a beautiful, white smile that will last throughout your life – then make sure you brush, floss, and rinse twice a day or after every single meal. Just remember, flossing can save your smile and your wallet!

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Dental Implants Weeki Wachee What Are the Advantages of Opting for Dental Implants?

Dental Implants Weeki WacheeWeeki Wachee patients can benefit from dental implants in a variety of different situations, from the loss of a single tooth due to a trauma, to the loss of multiple teeth or even all of your teeth due to periodontal disease or decay.

When it comes to dental implants, Weeki Wachee patients enjoy many benefits, including a natural look and totally natural functioning. In short, your implants will look and behave just like your natural teeth! There’s no need for denture paste or eating restrictions for fear of losing your dentures. Also, implants can be used in conjunction with bridgework to replace multiple teeth.

Are There Different Types of Dental Implants?

Weeki Wachee natives will be evaluated in a comprehensive consultation, which includes an  exam and x-rays. Based on the results of the exam and radiographs, your dentist can provide you with a recommendation for which type of implants are best for your unique needs.

One variety of implant is called an endosteal implant, which is implanted into the jaw bone via a screw or other structure that mimics the function of a natural tooth’s root. In cases where a tooth is extracted, leaving an empty socket, your dentist may need to wait for a period of time before placing the implant so the bone has time to fill in the socket, providing a greater surface area for the implant to grip. One method that’s used to speed healing involves placing small bone particles in the area, known as a bone graft.

Subperiosteal implants are another type of dental implants. Weeki Wachee patients can opt for this type of implant if they have poor bone density or a lack of sufficient bone present to support an endosteal implant. Subperiosteal dental implants are comprised of a framework-type structure that is implanted under the gums, but on top of the bone. Small ports protrude through the gums, serving as an anchor point for the visible tooth-like portion of the dental implants.

Weeki Wachee patients can opt for many different types of dental implants, from replacing just one tooth, to an implant that serves as an anchor for bridgework that replaces several missing teeth in the same area of your mouth, or you can replace your entire dentition, taking the place of traditional dentures.

For those missing an entire jaw’s worth of teeth, all-on-four dental implants are a popular as they utilize four implants with ports that protrude through the gums to anchor the teeth. These implants are a secure and natural-looking (and natural-functioning) alternative to a full denture.

After you receive your dental implants, the care is essentially the same as what would be required for your natural teeth, including frequent brushing and flossing.

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Dentist Weeki Wachee The ultimate goal of dentistry

Dentist Weeki Wachee

There are a lot of people that put off going to the dentist. Whether it be the fear of pain, the lack of dental insurance or just not realizing the importance of regular dental cleanings – it is more ignored than anything else in the health world. With many new and improved ways of doing things a lot of those reasons can soon be laid to rest. Anchor Dental Care has been leading the dental care industry for almost 40 years, servicing areas with our dentist like Weeki Wachee, Florida.


Anchor Dental Care’s dental team never stops learning the newest trends in the dental industry, giving them an edge over many other local dental offices. They are kind and considerate of their patient’s fears of the dentist and make sure to make them as comfortable as possible. They even have a special program that allows patients who are lacking dental insurance to come in for a low price that can suite anyone’s budget.

Their ultimate goal is to spread the word on the importance of keeping up with dental hygiene. If dental hygiene is ignored with or without coming to the dentist, people’s health is at serious risk. Tooth decay and gum infections are a real thing and not only can both effect a person’s mouth and teeth but their entire body can be at risk. If ignored, infections of the teeth and gums can go straight to the heart and cause heart diseases related problems.

If that isn’t scary enough, losing teeth has to be. A person’s smile is one of the first things other’s look at, when a person is missing teeth or have severely damaged teeth – people will think they do not care for themselves. This could effect a person’s personal and professional life.

We at Anchor Dental Care only want the best for our patients. We want to save teeth that may be damaged and replace the ones that we are unable to save. We also specialize in cosmetic dentistry. If a person has severe teeth issues – this could be the best bet for them. If you are have been ignoring going to the dentist, make sure you call today and schedule an appointment at our convenient office near by the Weeki Wachee area. You will be smiling big and bright at Anchor Dental Care.

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