Crowns New Port Richey Why Would Someone Need a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns or caps as they are sometimes colloquially called, are a type of dental restoration that involved placing a tooth covering over a portion of a tooth that needs fixing. Ideally with dental crowns, New Port Richey patients who have their teeth capped are trying to create a new outer surface unlike that of a dental filling which fills or repairs only a portion of a broken tooth. These dental crowns are designed to look and feel like that of a natural tooth to help a patient have less pain and sensitivity, and make normal tasks possible again such as eating comfortably and brushing your teeth effectively.

Repair and Strengthening Damaged Teeth

The most obvious reason of why someone would be interested in having a dental crown places is because they have a broken or decaying tooth that needs to be strengthened. When a tooth is left unattended, it can potentially make everything more difficult for the patient. Pain and discomfort are almost a given for an individual who chooses to have some damaged teeth without dental crowns. New Port Richey Dentists would always recommend some type of cosmetic dentistry in order to fix discomfort, but also strengthen teeth from further complications down the road.

The Cosmetic Benefits for Patients

While most individuals end up receiving dental crowns in order to protect deuterating teeth, one of the extra benefits of receiving dental crowns is the fact that they help improve the appearance of a patient’s teeth. With dental crowns, New Port Richey patients will have their broken teeth reshaped like a normal healthy tooth, which can even prompt the look for better alignment. Dental crowns can also be color matched to that of your other teeth to give the appearance of a natural tooth, as opposed to a polar white piece of porcelain.

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