Crowns Trinity The Many Uses of Dental Crowns

When a patient comes into a dentist office to have a dental crown procedure done, it is hard to figure out why they are getting them in the first place because there are many reasons where a patient would benefit from dental crowns. Trinity residents Should be aware that a dental crown is a tooth shaped cap that covers a tooth in order to restore its shape and size, strength, and in some instances, improves its appearance. These caps have to be cemented into place in order to encase the entire tooth and help protect it from further decay and deterioration.

Crowns for Broken Teeth

One of the most popular reasons that a patient would be prompted for a dental crown on one or more of their teeth is if the tooth is broken or cracked. Broken teeth hurt a great amount, which can only be worsened if the tooth is left not taken care of. With dental crowns, Trinity patients can help prevent some amount of pain as well as further preventing the decay of their tooth. In addition to decaying teeth, some teeth that have already had large fillings placed may benefit because of adding extra support.

Dental Crowns for Cosmetic Dentistry

Although most crowns are applied because they serve a utilitarian purpose of benefiting a patient’s oral health, dental crowns are also popular choices for cosmetic dentistry. With dental crowns, trinity patients should be aware that there are many different types of materials that they can be made out of. Porcelain is one of the materials that a dental crown can be made out of, which is a popular choice because it is very good at matching the color and hardness of real teeth. Porcelain can also stained and shaped just like that of your teeth to give the closest match to a real tooth as possible.

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