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Braces have been around for many, many years. Although it may not be a new idea but it is something that has changed quite a bit. They still perfect a crooked smile be straightening the teeth, but the difference is that now there are different options when deciding on getting braces.

Traditional braces. Traditional metal braces that are still the most common option and give people the choice to make them personalized with colorful rubber bands.

Clear braces. Clear braces are a wonderful option for adults that do not want the braces to be as noticeable as the traditional metal braces.

Clear aligners. This option has become much more popular over the other braces available. This is a clear aligner that can be removed if needed and is the most popular option for adults.

Braces are a great way to straighten teeth without cosmetic dentistry. There are other reasons why braces are a fantastic option beyond just straightening teeth for visual reasons. If you want to keep your teeth clean and free of tooth decay, it is important to have straight teeth. The more crooked a person’s teeth are the harder it is to get those hidden areas clean and free of food build-up. Also, having straight teeth can help a person’s self-esteem and profile of their face.

At Anchor Dental Care, we offer all the different choices of braces and we want to help decide which one would best suite your lifestyle. We have been serving our patients braces and dental in the areas surrounding Ridge Manor with our dentist for over 30 years. Our Anchor Dental Care dental team is number one in the area for customer service and helping their patients have a bright, straight smile.

Some people are in fear of the pain that braces may cause but our dental team are skilled in making our patients are as comfortable during the entire process. There may be some days where it is more uncomfortable than others but our dentists are skilled in trying to keep that to a minimum. Let us, help you get the smile of your dreams!

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