Dentist Timber Pines The leading causes of cavities

Keeping up with dental health is just as important as any other annual medical check-up. Even with it being such a big part of a health regiment, people still tend to push it to the side. In doing this, they put themselves at a much higher risk of having problems with tooth decay. Timber Pines is near a dentist that is dedicated to keeping their patients healthy.

Dentist Timber Pines

Top 5 leading causes of tooth decay

  • Lack of dental care. Dentist near Timber Pines suggest that their patients brush after each meal or at least twice a day to maintain proper dental hygiene.
  • Improper diet. With sugar being packed into more and more foods that we eat, it is important to remember that too much sugar can take a toll on a person’s dental health.
  • Overly-dry mouth. With a dry mouth, comes bacteria. This bacteria can start eating away at a person’s teeth. Leaving them with tooth decay problems. Talk to your dentist close to Timber Pines, and see what your options are if suffering from dry mouth.
  • Runs in the family. It is more common than not that having tooth decay issues can be a genetic issue. With that being said, it is important to keep up with your family medical history and get regular cleanings.
  • Not getting regular dental cleanings. This has to be the number one reason people suffer from tooth decay. Dentist neighboring Timber Pines suggests coming in at least once a year for a dental cleaning and check-up, unless you are feeling any discomfort, then as needed.

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