Emergency Dentist Timber Pines 5 possible reasons for your toothache

There is no ailment quite like a toothache. If you are experiencing a toothache out of the blue you may be wondering why. There are many reasons why a toothache can occur but one thing is for sure – if you are experiencing horrible tooth pain you should call your emergency dentist. Timber Pines is nearby one of the leading dental offices in the area, Anchor Dental Care. They offer a wide range of services and will help you even outside of their business hours in case of an emergency.

What is the cause of your toothache? Here are some possible reasons:

Grinding – If you are grinding your teeth at night or even during the day, you may not even realize that you are doing it. This can cause significant damage to your teeth and should be inspected by a dentist as soon as possible. They will help you find the right options for you so that you can prevent this from occurring in the future.

Gum disease – If you have pain, redness and swelling in the gums this could be a reason for your toothaches. You shouldn’t let this go on – as soon as you start noticing signs of possible gum disease you should contact your emergency dentist near Timber Pines.

Decay – Tooth decay is the leading cause of toothaches. It can start breaking down the tooth and cause the tooth to soften. This is how cavities happen and this can be one of the reasons you are experiencing toothaches. Sometimes, it’s hard to notice serious tooth decay before it is too late. This is why it is best to get your annual dental checks and cleanings.

If you are experiencing severe tooth pain do not wait – go and see an emergency dentist near Timber Pines as soon as possible. The sooner you acknowledge the issue the easier it will be to take care of it. Remember, toothaches may start off small but can turn into something far, far worse. Call today and get it taken are of before it’s too late.

*Disclaimer: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of Anchor Dental Care*