Anchor Dental Care’s Discount Dental Plan

Without a question regular trips to the dentist are vital to maintaining the health of your teeth and gums. But for people without dental coverage, cost often stands in the way of getting the care they need.
Even for routine preventive care, a trip to the dentist’s office could mean a substantial amount of money out of your pocket.
Not surprisingly, many people put off going to the dentist for that very reason.
As regular dental care is an integral part of your overall health,
we have created this In-Office Discount Dental Plan, to support you in your efforts.
We hope that you utilize this plan to improve and maintain the oral health for yourself and your family.
Keeping mind that this plan is, not a dental insurance and can only be used at Anchor Dental Care with Dr. Bedi.

Why Choose Us:

1. NO WAITING PERIODS–­Start your treatment today!
4. No claim forms or Pre-­Authorizations Stop Stressing…Start Smiling!

What’s included?

  • Two exams (limited, periodic or complete. Dental Codes 0120,0140,0150)
  • Two cleanings (prophys. Dental Code 1110)
  • Two x-rays (periapical, bitewings Dental Codes 0220,0270)
  • Two fluoride treatments in a fiscal year.(Ages 7-13)(Dental code 1206)
  • Free Intra- Oral Photos(Dental Code 350)
  • Free Oral Cancer Screening
  • Free Treatment Planning
  • 50% off Teeth Whitening**(Dental Code 9942,9943)
  • 50% off Diagnostic Impressions(Dental Code 0470)
  • 35% off Panoramic Treatment (Dental Code 330)
  • 35% off Full Mouth X-rays (Dental Code 210)
  • 25% off CT-Scan (Dental Codes 364 – 367)
  • 20% off Periodontal treatment, Full Mouth Debridement and Perio-Maintenance
    (Dental Codes 4341,4342,4355,4910)
  • 20% off Fillings (Dental Codes 2330-2394)
  • 20% off Simple and Surgical Extractions (Dental Codes 7210-7280)
  • 10% off Endodontic Services (Root Canals)
    (Dental Codes 3310-3330)
  • 10% off Bridges (Dental Codes 6242, 6740,6752)
  • 10% off Partials (Dental Codes 5211-5212)
  • 10% off Dentures (Dental Code 5110, 5120)
  • 10% off Crowns (Dental Code 2740)
  • 10% off Orthodontic Services(Dental Codes 8080-8800)
  • 10% off Each Implant (Single and Prosthesis Supporting)
    (Dental Codes 6010,6056,6061)


Who can sign up?
This In-Office Discount Dental Plan, is designed for patients that do not have insurance and are considered self pay.
Affordable For Everyone!



Spouse( or child over the age of 25) — $275

Children ages 14-18— $225

Children ( under the age of 13)—$175

How to enroll

To Enroll in this In-Office Discount Dental Plan, Please do the following:

  • Complete the Enrollment Application
  • Pay enrollment starting fee

If you have any questions, please contact our office. We will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.
Click here to be directed to our contact information.

** This procedure can only be done after complete exam, periodontal treatment and any dental decay is treated.