Office Visits

Your first visit

Your first visit to Anchor Dental Care, includes an X-Ray, Intra-Oral photos, a complete exam, and treatment plan.

Of course, during your first visit involves a review your medical history. We ask for your medical history, to ensure nothing we prescribe or do contradicts any of your currently medical conditions. When filling out your medical history form, be sure to provide complete, up-to-date information on your health and current medications(includingnames, doses, and frequency) — Whether prescription or over-the-counter products.

Please let one of our staff members know if you have had any recent hospitalization,surgery, or if you have recently been ill.

Also, please let us know of any changes in your health or medications, as they arise. This will help us select the safest and most effective method of treatment for you.


Regular Checkups

We encourage regular checkups for individuals age four and up. Regular checkups are important to:

    • Check for problems that you might not see or feel
    • Find early signs of decay
    • Treat oral health problems early, while they are still manageable

Your Cleaning exam will take about 45 minutes. Each Cleaning exam includes a detailed teeth cleaning, in which we will clean, polish, and rinse your teeth to remove any tartar and plaque that has built up on the tooth’s surface.

We encourage our patients to return to the office regularly. This also gives you the chance to talk to the doctor about any questions you may have about your oral health. Cleaning exams are offered by appointment only, so please contact a member of our staff if you would wish to set an appointment.

Call our office today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Bedi. It is our goal to make you feel at home as part of the Anchor Dental Care family and answer any questions you may have about its practice and/or services.