(Platelet-Rich Fibrin)

Platelet rich fibrin is method of using your own blood to promote healing.

Dr. Bedi draws your blood 2-4 vials which are then placed in a centrifuge at a rate of 3000 rpm for 10 minutes. The vials are placed on a vial rack for 10 minutes for the platelets to separate. We remove the platelets; we condense the platelet to make a plug and some of the platelets to make a membrane. See example below:
y1 y2

The yellow of the vial is the platelets.

The plug is then placed in the extraction site, the membrane is placed over the plug and both are suture close. The healing process is remarkable faster.

Picture below is the membrane:

This procedure works very well for medically compromised patients (Diabetics) where healing is slower.

t1 t2

Tooth #18 on 9/09/2016                                     Tooth #18 three days later

3t1 3t2

Tooth #31 on 9/09/2016                                    Tooth #31 three days later

The pictures above are from a diabetic patient where healing is much slower.

This is one of the many state of the art procedures and technology that we use in our office on a daily basis.