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Anchor Dental Care is a dental office that has been proud to serve the surrounding Nobleton area for almost 40 years. Offering their patients a multitude of dental care services to keep their smiles big, bright, and healthy. They love what they do and it show to all of their patients. Anchor Dental Care even assists those who do not have dental insurance by offering an affordable package that can fit anyone’s financial budget.


The Anchor Dental Care Team Are one of the only providers within 50 miles to offer the Perio Protect Method. This is a rather new method that has been around for the past 10 years and is really taken a big problem, gum disease, and has turned into an easily manageable issue. A patient can go in to the dental office and get treatments and will have to keep up with the treatments at home to remove all of the hidden bacteria in the gums. This not only helps manage gum disease but it also helps clean and whiten teeth! It’s a wonderful step in the right direction for prolonged dental health, and Anchor Dental Care and Dr Bedi the dentist near Nobleton, Florida is leading the way in just that.


Besides offering the regular dental cleanings, bridges, dentures, and braces – Anchor Dental Care provides top of the line cosmetic dentistry. This is a wonderful option for people who may not have the smile of they have always wanted, but do not have the time or want for braces. Our skilled cosmetic dentist has been known to provide different ideas of how to get the smile of their patient’s dreams. They can straighten, whiten and even file teeth so they are perfect and can showcase a smile to be proud of.


Having a beautiful smile is not only good for the health but is good for confidence. When people walk into a room with a bright, white smile they will be noticed for the right reasons. No one deserves to have a poor dental health. With all of the options available at Anchor Dental Health there is something for everyone’s dental needs and concerns. Schedule an appointment today, so you too can smile with confidence!

*Disclaimer: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of Anchor Dental Care*