Tooth Extraction Brooksville Home remedies to combat tooth extraction pain

Even though tooth extraction is already very painful, if a patient develops dry socket it, or a blood clot that forms after extraction, gets dissolved leaving the nerve and bone exposed leaving someone in even more pain. If you are experiencing pain, do not worry! There are many home remedies to combat pain from tooth extraction. Brooksville residents can start by looking in their pantries and fridges before going to get a prescription.

Clove oil has been proven to be an effective treatment for dry socket and other tooth pain. Clove does sting, so in order to stop that dip a cotton swab in water and then apply the clove oil to the affected sites. It is recommended to apply this oil twice a day as pain persists. For tooth Extraction, Brooksville residents can also try the very popular saline water. This solution cleans the affected areas and help alleviate pain.

Some patients have also relieved their tooth pain by applying cold tea bags on the sore areas in their mouth. Tea has a compound in the leaves called tannic acid that is known to help relieve pain. Depending on the type of tea can have different benefits. For example earl gray tea contains both catechin and fluoride, both known for improving the health of your teeth.

Creating a turmeric solution is also very popular when combating the pain from a tooth extraction. Brooksville residents can gargle with water and a pinch of turmeric to provide relief. It is also helpful to make a paste with turmeric, dry salt, and mustard oil. This solution like that of clove oil have been very popular among patients that experience pain from tooth extraction or dry socket.

If these solutions have not worked for your pain there are still many home remedies that people vouch for. Peroxide is also very popular, but make sure you do not swallow peroxide because it is not healthy. As a safer alternative, lemon juice and salt can be applied to alleviate pain and this one is not dangerous.

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