Tooth Extraction New Port Richey How Long Does Tooth Extraction Recovery Take?

Because of modern evolution, many people have wisdom teeth growing in a mouth that no longer has space for them. Some lucky individuals will never have their wisdom teeth grow while most of us will need them to be removed with tooth extraction. New Port Richey residents should consider this a surgery because for a while your mouth will be very sore and may require an individual to take a couple of days off while they recover. But how long does this typical recovery time take for tooth extractions? There are many contributing factors that can determine the length of time it takes someone to recover.

The First Few Days of Recovery

As recovery time is different from patient to patient, it can take anywhere from a week to a month for someone to start feeling the way that they did before the surgery. Regardless of how long the recovery takes for tooth extraction, New Port Richey residents can expect the first two or three days to be the most important as well as the most painful. The number of teeth as well as the size of teeth may also dictate how long it takes for a patient to recover from after having their teeth pulled. It is also recommended to not drink, smoke, or eat specific foods after your tooth extraction as they can increase the time it will take a patient to recover.

Factors that May Increase a Patient’s Recovery Time

Apart from the initial redness and swelling that causes a lot of the pain and discomfort, there are other conditions that may cause a patient to take more time to recover from a tooth extraction. New Port Richey Patients who have just had their wisdom teeth pulled could potentially develop signs of infection including developing a fever and other sickness symptoms such as nausea or vomiting. If new gum tissue and bone do not begin to grow from the extraction site, your dentist may find it pertinent to go ahead with an implant or fixed bridge which will require more time for recovery.

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